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Discovering Fabrics for Quilting Made an Addict Out of Me

Are you as addicted as I am when it comes to quilting, crafts and all the glorious fabric that is associated with it?  I’m not only addicted to building a stash large enough to fill a house but to all the tools of the trade too.  So, I am sharing my journey of crafting heirloom quilts (and not so heirloom) & tote bags and toys.  Much of this is a learning experience as I delve into projects I’ve never done before.  I’ll share with you where I purchased the fabrics and notions as well.

1810, 2017

Look on the Bright Side

Camelot, Fabric Collections|

I don't know about you but there are only a few select reasons why I might like winter.  Here in Ontario Canada, we often get 6 months or more of dreary grey skies and snow every day.  After a few months of darkness and frigid temps, I am so ready for life to begin again.  Every day I tell myself to look on the bright side, that spring is around the corner.

3009, 2017

Gifts From March to August 2017

Monthly Secret Sewing Friends|

I've added the Monthly Secret Sewing Friends section a little late in the game.  I felt it unfair to not give recognition to all the wonderful ladies who have sent monthly gifts and even anonymous random gifts of kindness. So here they are!

2909, 2017

The Captivated Pineapple

Captivated Pineapple, My Quilts|

Today, I want to introduce you to a quilt I am working on and I call it the Captivated Pineapple.  You'll probably remember when I shared some fat quarters I received by monthly subscription called "Captivate" by Camelot.  I was so elated with these pieces of fabric that I went and ordered a hefty amount of yardage.