Gifts from March to August 2017

I’ve added the Monthly Secret Sewing Friends section a little late in the game.  I felt it unfair not to give recognition to all the wonderful ladies who have sent monthly gifts and even anonymous random gifts of kindness.  So I’m adding it now because I appreciate all the lovely squishy packages I get in the mail, and all the thought that goes into picking out all the fabric and notions I love.  Here’s to you ladies!!

March Secret Sister - Betty Johnson

March 2017 Secret Sister – Betty Johnson

Betty sent me a yard of of my favorite colour and print; red and paisley.  Also some sweet fat quarters  I made a valance for my kitchen from the red paisley and made my first tote bag out of the fat quarters.  The tote bag was gifted to the lady I was assigned to for April.  Thanks Betty!!

April Secret Sister - Carrie Webb

April 2017 Secret Sister – Carrie Webb

Carrie sent a package that seemed to take all day to pull out all the goodies.  A fat quarter and 10″ squares, a lint brush, a quilt patter, measuring tape, tumbler template and something special.  The fox head contains needles and thread and buttons etc just for those occasions something might happen and you just need to sew something quickly.  I keep it in my purse for emergency situations.

May Secret Sister - Betty Johnson

May 2017 Secret Sister – Betty Johnson

Up to this point, the group was still so new and there wasn’t an abundance of Canadians to send gifts too.  So, Betty was again assigned to me.  I really never knew the skill she had in sewing until I received something entirely handmade.  She sent me an embroidered zippered pouch and a tote bad with all kinds of embellishments.  Both have become something I use on a daily basis and the tote inspired me to make my own totes.  Thanks again Betty!!

June Secret Sister - Betty Johnson

June 2017 Secret Sister – Betty Johnson

It seemed time for Betty to share with me all the secrets of her trade and get me off my butt to start making awesome totes.  This month, she sent me 4 fat quarters and one of her own patterns.  I made myself a wonderful grocery bag out of this pattern and fabrics and got so many compliments on it.  It’s so nice to have soft fabric draped over my shoulder instead of plastic bags hurting my fingers.  Thanks again Betty!  I’m addicted to making bags now and all the ladies in the neighborhood have one made by yours truly!

July Secret Sister - Annette Bradshaw

July 2017 Secret Sister – Annette Bradshaw

I was shocked that there was a new Canadian in the group and she was assigned to me!  She sent me lots of paisley which I can use for about anything, from totes to quilts and any household items like table runners.  She also sent me some lovely gold purse hardware, pins and bobbin minders!

August Secret Sister - Lisa Dawn Dias

August 2017 Secret Sister – Lisa Dawn Dias

When this package came and I opened it, it took forever to pull one thing out at a time and give it a good look.  I really don’t know so much stuff got packed into an envelope but there it is.  Very applique themed with little applique pins, needle threader, measuring tape, bobbin minders, zippers, magnetic pin holder and tons of fabric.  *whew, I’m out of breath just typing all that*  Thanks Lisa!  Lots of projects in my future with all this.

August Random Act of Kindness

August 2017 Random Act of Kindness

I have no idea who sent this but it’s various types of fabric scraps that can be used in quilt, tote or home decor projects.  Whoever you are that sent it, a big thank you!

August Random Act of Kindness

August 2017 – Random Act of Kindness

This fabric showed up as a gift to another person and I had commented that I adored it.  Next thing I knew, a yard of it along with webbing was stuffed into a package and sent to me.  I made a cute tote with it and gifted the tote to the daughter of the tenant who lives below me.  I really have to go through all the posts and find out who the secret sender was.  A big thank you, secret sister, for your random act of kindness.

*Update*  I did a little search and the secret gifter was Lynn Christopherson.  Thanks Lynn!!

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