Bright Side by Camelot Fabrics

Months of winter might be on the way but I’m looking on the Bright Side

I don’t know about you but there are only a few select reasons why I might like winter.  Here in Ontario Canada, we often get 6 months or more of dreary grey skies and snow every day.  After a few months of darkness and frigid temps, I am so ready for life to begin again.  Every day I tell myself to look on the bright side, that spring is around the corner.

Today, I received my monthly fat quarter subscription from Sew Sisters and I was so delighted it wasn’t a halloween bundle.  I’m no fan of of a holiday that celebrates all the things that highlight the most terrible parts of the human condition.  Gore, death,.. you know what I mean.  Instead, I received a bundle that celebrates life and growth.  Beautiful yellows and greens, plants, flowers and all the things that just make me want to close my eyes and breathe in the glory of God’s creation.

Bright Side Collection

Bright Side Collection by Camelot

For spring projects, Camelot really hit the nail on the head with this collection.  These beautiful designs are such a mood lifter and lend an air of spring to any room.  Can I say this collection is a win?  YES YES YES!

If you love these fabrics, just head over to  This link will take you directly to the collection

Happy sewing!


Do you like this fabric?

This fabric line is so cheery and perfect for spring projects.  You can find it on by clicking the images below

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