Monthly Secret Sewing Friends

I belong to a Facebook group called Monthly Secret Sewing Friends and it is the best group ever formed.  The group was established in February 2017 and is run by a wonderful woman named Becca Shifflet.  I love her to pieces because she ran with my idea of perking up a strangers day with a surprise package in the mail.  What I had envisioned, Becca took to a whole new level.  The group grew in leaps and bounds and offers not only a secret gift monthly, but monthly events and draws.  I love her for more than just this though.  She has revealed the real person she is through posts and videos, even sharing her life with all of us.  Deep down inside, she is simply a loving, giving and compassionate woman that I admire.

I want to share here all that takes place in this drama-free group with hopes that you might join and enjoy all the blessings we offer one another.

Joy to you!


Gifts From March to August 2017

I've added the Monthly Secret Sewing Friends section a little late in the game.  I felt it unfair to not give recognition to all the wonderful ladies who have sent monthly gifts and even anonymous random gifts of kindness. So here they are!

Owl Family Wall Quilt Completed!

I would never have purchased this for myself but after completing this little kit, I'm pretty stoked my September 2017 secret sister sent this to me. It only took a night to do and gave me the greatest satisfaction to complete something that is adorable!

September 2017 Secret

As is my usual habit, I wake up and take my pooch out for his morning duty and catch the mail on the way back in.  Today was a grand day getting to open my September 2017 secret squishy package while I enjoy my first coffee of the day. I was charmed by 6 batik fat quarters and an applique wall hanging.

Tote bag using fabric from a special friend

I have a secret to share. I belong to a special group on Facebook called Secret Sewing Friends. It’s similar to a secret sister group. We send secret packages out monthly. We also have special events where ladies will send out random anonymous packages just to brighten someone’s day. This month, I was a recipient.

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